What our patients are saying...


What was great about staying at the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute was the entire floor was the Orthopedic Institute. There were exercise rooms where you could practice going up and down steps. The staff was great, the rooms were private, it was fantastic.
From the moment I entered the door, I was greeted with kindness, friendship, attention. That was absolutely dazzling.
My experience was perfect because I felt valued—cared for—and listened to, and I was only there a short time.


At The Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute, we are proud to provide an exceptional experience for our patients–delivering world-class care with the highest safety and quality.

We're staffed by renowned orthopaedic specialists who incorporate the best practices into the delivery of care at the Institute. A team of leading specialists will provide you with a comprehensive view of the best treatment options for your orthopaedic problems, including the latest protocols, the most promising surgical techniques, and the fastest route to recovery.

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