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  • Dr. Richard Diana: The Parent’s Guide to Training Young Athletes

    February 13, 2018

    As many as 2 million injuries happen to young student athletes every year, leading them to more than 500,000 different kinds of doctor’s appointments. What’s a parent to do?  Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute surgeon Dr. Richard Diana is a former Yale and NFL running back now working on a book to help…

  • The Science Behind Walking On Winter Ice Without Slipping, Falling

    December 28, 2017

    Sometimes you just have to know when to walk like a penguin, as unsightly as it may seem. It could save a lot of pain and misery. With sub-freezing temperatures, black-ice parking lots and slick sidewalks, it’s time. Yes, the best way to avoid a fall — and possible injury…

  • At MidState, Orthopaedic Institute an ‘Entirely Different Experience’

    December 18, 2017

    MidState Medical Center in Meriden is welcoming a new era of orthopaedic care, closer than ever to home: The Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute (COI). COI is a hospital within a hospital dedicated exclusively to orthopedics and musculoskeletal care. It provides a unique and highly specialized experience for the patient, according to…

  • Degenerative Joint Diseases: The Basics

    November 03, 2017

    Degenerative joint diseases (DJDs) are chronic conditions often resulting in pain and the loss of an active lifestyle and quality of life. There are different types of DJD including: Osteoarthritis (OA), a condition in which cartilage wears down over time Post-traumatic arthritis, which results from prior trauma, such as a fracture Rheumatoid…

  • Spine Pain? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis!

    November 03, 2017

    Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces in the spine that results in pressure on the spinal cord and/or the nerve roots. This usually involves narrowing of one or more of the following three areas of the spine: The canal in the center of the column of bones (vertebrae) that…

  • MidState’s New Orthopaedic Institute Has ‘Good Bones’ Celebration

    October 18, 2017

    The Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center celebrated its grand opening Oct. 16.  The 14,500-square-foot institute includes 11 operating rooms and 21 private inpatient rooms. It brings together some of Connecticut’s best orthopaedic surgeons from Comprehensive Orthopaedics and Connecticut Orthopaedics Specialists. At the event, they shared…

  • PODCAST: She’s The Real Deal (The Hip Is Artificial)

    August 22, 2017

    Chances are when Shakira sang, “My hips don’t lie and I am starting to feel it’s right,” she wasn’t contemplating hip replacement. The thought never crossed the mind of 65-year-old Deborah Patterson, either. That is until the unbearable pain of arthritis settled in her left hip, infringing upon her life-long…

  • ‘Orthopaedic’ Spells New Institute At MidState

    August 11, 2017

    The Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center, operative since May, is the state’s newest center for the care and recovery of patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. A pavilion of the medical center was renovated and repurposed to accommodate orthopaedic patients and their guests. When complete, the Institute will be…

  • Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute Opens At MidState Medical Center

    June 08, 2017

    Hartford HealthCare has opened the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center, bringing together more of state’s best orthopaedic surgeons to create a new center for the care and recovery of patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. An entire pavilion of the medical center is being renovated and repurposed expressly…

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